Trading Terms UK

       The UK office is now closed.  (Note: Mail will not be forwarded.)  

      Orders will now be shipped from our U.S. office.

    Minimum Order: £1000 

   Online prices on will be based on the current USD$ exchange rate.            

    After calculating best shipping cost, we will email you a Proforma invoice in USD$ – payable by Credit Card or Paypal        

   Delivery: 3-4 weeks

    Duty and VAT will be payable to HMRC upon receipt of goods.

        Hallmarking can be arranged at any UK Assay office for silver items weighing over 7.8 gms and 18K.

   CLICK HERE to see which items require hallmarking.

        Prices include the new packaging pictured below.  If not required, shipping cost will be decreased.  

       Damaged Goods : No returns without our authorization.

·         Notice of non-delivery must be given within 10 days from invoice date.

·         No sale or return arrangements.

·         Prices subject to change without notice.

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