Your Designs - Our Passion for Enamel


Looking for a collection to set yourself apart from other jewelry brands?
Contact us to discuss your ideas and for a free quote - or click here to view more details.

• We serve clients from internationally copyrighted collections to Military and Royalty

• Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) for 30 years

• Ethically Produced

• We do not sub-contract

• Personal and confidential service from your experienced Custom Design Project Manager

Let us help you bring YOUR ideas to life with enamel jewelry.  "Unique and Commercial" -- a winning combination for retail sales. Ask for a free quote -- or perhaps we have just the right design from our archive catalog for your promotions.  Jewelry and cufflinks in corporate colors?  No problem -- we can match what you are looking for.   Click here for more details.

Click to Download our Spec Sheet Form for quote submissions:  XLS FORMAT  or  PDF FORMAT



Please contact us if you have questions or to arrange a web tour.  You may also visit our FAQ page.


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