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"Designing a piece of enamel jewelry is like designing a piece of art.  Enameling is the fusing of glass to metal under high heat conditions. Whether left to be a piece of enamel jewelry on its own or paired with gemstones, enamel jewelry is always enchanting. Like in the process of painting, enamel artists craft a careful balance of color, play with the light, frame their creations with stones and narrate a story throughout the piece.
 18kt gold plique a jour butterfly brooch
"Enamel jewelry is full of surprises, no matter the angle.  Enamel pieces can look luxurious on prominent places on the body, like the hair or neck. Places where natural sunlight hit will bring out the dazzling effects of the enamel.
 Plique a Jour red heart earrings and pendant
"The beauty of enamel can easily be enhanced by gemstones. Stones like black onyx is a popular option because it serves up a striking contrast. Opal is another favorite for it is always flirting with the light and gives the enamel a new texture.
 Black onyx and moonstone enamel earrings
"While there are a number of techniques, cloisonné is one of the most ancient techniques that is still popular with enamel artisans today. Cloisonné is a technique that was developed in the Near East that was popular among Egyptian pharaohs.  Cloisonné is French for “cloison” or “cell.” It is a technique in which metal wires are bent to form a design; enamel is then inlaid into the resulting “cloisons.” Although this can be done in copper, contemporary cloisonné is most frequently done in silver or gold.
 Plique a Jour enamel peridot necklace
"The Byzantine Empire, 6th century AD, was the setting for gold cloisonné pieces of a religious nature. In the same time frame, the Japanese were producing scenes of nature. In China, cloisonné has been used since the 13th century AD.  Rene Lalique was especially known for creating spectacular pieces during the art nouveau era of the 1890 to early 1900’s.
 Plique a Jour enamel art nouveau cicada lapel pin

"Apart from being beautiful, original enamel designs are difficult to exactly replicate. You may very well wear a truly unique piece of art on your special day. Here are some lovely pieces with enamel detail from the bridal line by Nicole Barr!"

 Nicole Barr white enamel bridal floral ring
 Nicole Barr white enamel pearl necklace
by Claudia Endler, Modern Jewelry Designer on July 12, 2012 
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