Symbolic Jewish Pendants


"The Menorah Represents the Temple in Jerusalem and appears in the Emblem of Israel.

Tap here to see all Menorah Pendants in 18K and Sterling Silver. (Embossed design also on reverse.)

The Star of David, a symbol of Judaism, as a religion, and of the Jewish people as a whole. And it also thought to be the shield (or at least the emblem on it) of King David.

Jewish lore links the symbol to the "Seal of Solomon", the magical signet ring used by King Solomon to control demons and spirits. Jewish lore also links the symbol to a magic shield owned by King David that protected him from enemies. Following Jewish emancipation after the French revolution, Jewish communities chose the Star of David. as their symbol. The star is found on the Flag of Israel." (Ref.

Tap here to see all Star of David Pendants in 18K gold and Sterling Silver. (Embossed design also on reverse.)

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