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2020 has seen internet marketing becoming more and more crucial to connect with existing customers and to attract new ones.  It can be puzzling to know how to promote your store through Social Media. 

We always appreciate the effort our loyal customers make in what they are already posting on their Social Media sites. In this blog, Nicole Barr's team would like to share what we are learning.   

Please feel free to contact us if you need any images -- or share any campaigns you found to be successful.  Together, we can make the remaining months of 2020 good ones!

    No. 1: "When it comes to change, go absurdly small. HOW? In his book One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way, Robert Maurer suggests taking almost ridiculously tiny steps, day after day. Start exercising by marching in front of the TV for one minute daily; resolve to work on a daunting project for two minutes first thing each morning. The point is not that this will be sufficient, on its own, to get fit, or plot a full season's marketing campaign. Rather, it enables you, in Maurer's words, to "tiptoe past fear." Our brain, it seems, is fooled when we tell it we're embarking only on something minuscule, and it stops putting up resistance. WHY? Big change is difficult. So why not opt for small, really small."  -- From Instore Magazine. For a quick way to promote Nicole Barr -- just repost any image you see on our social media pages -- or link to one of our product images via the icons you see under the description:

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