Our Favorite Bird - The Cardinal


Why Cardinals Are Our Favorite Bird

As we greet Spring, we celebrate the North American Cardinal – our most popular and abundant U.S. bird, claimed by 7 U.S. states as their State Bird – and adopted by many sports teams and schools as well.  Also known as the Virginia Nightingale, they sing more than two dozen variations of musical songs, and unlike many birds, the females sing as beautifully as the males. (Click here to hear them!)

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Fun Facts About Cardinals:

Cardinals are the State Bird for Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Kentucky and Indiana.  Sports teams include the St. Louis Cardinals (baseball) and the Arizona Cardinals (football).

Cardinals usually mate for life and the more brightly colored males court the ladies by feeding them in a kissing manner.

They got their name from early European settlers to America because the males reminded them of the rich red vestments of Catholic cardinals.

They are the only red North American bird with a crest.

Cardinals do not migrate, as they’re highly adaptable to different habitats and food sources. That means they’re always around to delight us with their beautiful songs and bright plumage.

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