Jewelry With Meaning


Jewelry has always had a special meaning – especially when received as a gift. We don’t really NEED jewelry to survive – and yet the symbolism behind it (“I love you, I’m with you”) touches us deeply.  We wear it and we keep it for many years. We pass it on to the next generation.

During this past year, new messages and symbolism have joined traditional ones.  Nicole Barr’s symbolic jewelry -- expressed in hard fired enamel -- can brighten up every corner of your gift jewelry displays.


Celebrate - Commemorate - Remember

Our cross pendant collection in 18 K gold and sterling silver features bright enamel decorating one side of the cross – while the other reveals a patterned silver or gold motif.

Sterling silver pendants include an adjustable length chain – ensuring a child’s gift can be enjoyed for many years. Traditional… but different. And sure to brighten up your displays.

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