Encouragement During the Pandemic


With retail stores temporarily closing during this pandemic, every day brings its own challenges in business.  Survival seems to lend itself to creative adjustments -- as shown through many desperate times in history.  However, thanks to the internet, we can get ideas on how to do business during these tough times.  Below is a (growing) list of articles that may be of encouragement.

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What Should You Be Posting on Social Media Now?  -- by jckonline.com

Jewelry Industry Coronavirus Resources -- by jckonline.com

Coronavirus Social Media Tips for Business Owners [9 Social Media Post Ideas for COVID-19] -- YouTube video by Angie Gensler

How to Apply For Those Paycheck Protection Loans -- by jckonline.com

Should You Apply for Business Interruption Insurance? -- by jckonline.com

WEBSITE TIP:  "Keep your website evolving.  HOW? A blog and regular new product introductions can do wonders for SEO, but the rest of your content should be changing, too. Stop thinking of your website as a creative product and start thinking about it as a creative process. WHY? Your website should never be done. It should feel like the inside of your jewelry store, not the inside of a brochure. A website that is created, then remains static for the next few years, is a dud as far as search engines are concerned."  - by Andrea Hill, Instore Magazine. 
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Coping with the Coronavirus: A Business Survival Guide by Jeweller Magazine, Australia

What Jewelers Should Do Now to Prepare For "Business as Usual"  -- by Shane Decker,  Instore Magazine

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