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Looking For Attractive Display Ideas for the Nicole Barr Collection?

The possibilities are endless!  Display by:

Colour * Themes like Holidays & Bridal * Bees and Flowers * Birthstones * Pearls * Collections * New Designs * Matching Sets * Local Interests like Sea Life or Cardinals.

Some pieces can be highlighted by Enamel Techniques like Plique á Jour, Basse Taille or Color Blending. 

Did you know...  Nicole Barr Jewelry is fired glass on Sterling Silver or 18K Gold. The various enameling techniques take advantage of the properties of glass and metal as they capture and reflect light. This makes lighting and display important considerations. Both daylight and direct shop lighting reveal the quality of the enamel work. Here is what our customers have found: 

BEST DISPLAY BACKGROUND: Fine Enamel Jewelry is best displayed on white or very light colored busts and backgrounds. White material provides the best contrast for the rainbow of possible colors. Displaying on black or dark colors mutes the color and diminishes the sparkle of light hitting the glass.

NICOLE BARR MERCHANDISER: This display unit is frosted acrylic and the stands are angled to hold the jewelry in a position to best reflect the light. The large, branded back display can be used upright, or the feet taken off to lay flat in your case.  Props such as flowers, vases or revolving bases can draw the eye to the colorful display.

NICOLE BARR GIFT BOXES: On the back of the pendant and earrings pads is a pop-up stand for getting the best display angle. This can be easily overlooked. 

Do you have an attractive Nicole Barr Display?  Send us a photo and we'd love to highlight your store in our Social Media and Blog pages. 

Here are a few examples from our recent Online Jewelry Week Interview with Instore Magazine.

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