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Promoting your business in these days of digital marketing can be done in many ways.  Neustaedter's Jewelers in St. Louis, MO, has done a remarkable job in developing their Facebook presence in a warm, creative, fun and informative way.  And of course, Nicole Barr appreciates that they include our enamel collection in their posts and seeing their customers' responses.

Here are just two posts found at:

"We’re so proud to have Nicole Barr Jewelry in our store, which specializes in a rare art form of fired-glass enameling. We’ve handpicked this line because from sketch to creation, each piece is crafted with a high attention to detail, just like the way we, at Neustaedter’s, design our own jewelry & rare, master hand-engraved pieces & monograms. Hope you’ll love their designs as much as we do!"

"The Nicole Barr Jewelry line are pieces of ART for way less than you think. Hand-crafted. Fire-enameled. Genuine Gemstones.
We are well known for master hand engraving & jewelry design, so we take great care in selecting any brands we work with. Nicole Barr is just in a league of its own. Any Nicole Barr jewelry you get will pay for itself in compliments the first day you wear it!"

To help their customers view the complete Nicole Barr Collection with their retail prices, Neustaedter’s has set up "Margin Manager" on their website:[]=&name=&page=0&custom=1

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