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READ JCK Article, August 23: Artistic enamel jewelry for those "customers who respond to something bold, colorful, and unique." 

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever." - J. Keats

Creating Beautiful Enamel Jewelry -- A Work of Art

Nicole Barr jewelry is a rare example of the Art of Enameling. 
Enameling is our passion, and we'd like to introduce you to just a few of the difficult
techniques used to produce the exclusive Nicole Barr jewelry designs.

Hard Fired or Vitreous Enamel
 In this artform, liquid glass is fused to metal at temperatures of up to 1500 F.  Our enamel colors come from blends of rare metals like gold, cobalt and manganese, with each color requiring a different firing temperature. Designs with several colors require multiple firings to create lustrous color that never fades.

This is a French term meaning “glimpse of day.” In this difficult technique, liquid enamel is suspended between strands of gold or silver – and then fired at high temperatures -- creating a shimmering, translucent effect.
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Plique-à-Jour pieces.

The Art of Basse Taille
Basse Taille (meaning “low-cut” in French) is an enameling technique whereby an intricate design is first engraved into the gold or silver piece, creating texture and dimension under the enamel. Once fired, these patterns dramatize the play of light and shade over the low-cut design and also give the object a brilliance of tone.

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